Impact 2 Day Corporate Training (for attendees from the same company)

image of training“For my team, who is charged with creating presentations for our company’s leadership team, Jim armed them with the tools and techniques that will allow them to develop presentations that are effective and memorable. More importantly, he taught them how to think differently about how they approach communications. Jim does a tremendous job reaching even the most “challenged” speakers.
—Julie DiCarlo, CCO Sun Life Financial

The Impact Speakers 2 Day Corporate training, led by Jimmy runs from 8:30am-5:30pm and is limited to only eight participants. This small group format allows for a highly interactive, high attention and personal experience for each attendee.

Attendees are given the opportunity to present several times in front of their colleagues. Their speeches are critiqued by Jimmy and the other participants and each speech is videotaped to provide a quantifiable example of their improvement over the two days.

Each person is taught the physical tools such as:

  • Effective hand gestures
  • Voice modulations
  • Proper eye contact
  • Smooth movement

They are also taught how to compose their presentations in a format that makes it easiest for their listeners to follow, retain and repeat what they’ve heard.

There is a very large emphasis on the “close”, getting people to take an action when they’re done speaking. Jimmy’s goal is that every individual comes away with the strategies and techniques they need to better connect with their audiences and more effectively drive their message home.

Impact Speakers classes provide more than just learning a structure and working on physical components. A tremendous bonding and team building experience is also a big benefit and take away in each session.

Presenting at Prudential Georgia Realty

Jimmy personally guarantees and offers a money back guarantee if each and every participant does not become more a more polished and articulate presenter when they walk out the door on Day 2! Every one of the two day seminars is designed to yield tangible, applicable and quantifiable results.

Impact 2 Day Public Training Sessions

This is the same program as outlined above.
This session is open to all professionals from any industry or walk of life regardless of their business, product or audience, who want to enhance their presentation, communication and sales skills.



“Through the years I have had the great privilege of being able to share the platform with Jim and I have always come away a better person because of it. His presentation skills are second to none and his ability to communicate and breakdown essential points leave you with wanting to learn more. I wanted to learn more and Jimmy worked with me. I became a better speaker because of it.”

Rocky Bleier, Owner, Rocky Bleier Inc.

Jimmy makes himself available to work one on one in a more targeted and personal way with a select number of clients and companies monthly. Through phone, email, Skype and in person whenever possible, he guides and helps people and companies refine and enhance their business and professional skills so that they can be the most prepared and competitive in their field of expertise.

Some of the skills he works on with clients are:

  • Better closing techniques
  • The methodology for composing and presenting their message
  • Gaining more self confidence
  • Overcoming the fear of speaking

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