The Power of The Mind in Public Speaking

In the Power of Three  part 1-The Body, we talked about how important hands, movement, eyes and voice are in presenting and communicating.

Here is part 2: The Mind.
When dealing with the Mind there are a few key ideas to focus on.

Taking Action
The most important aspect of any presentation is to make sure you’re asking your audience to take some sort of action when you’re finished speaking.  In sales, people always talk about this magical term called the “close”.  Make sure you’re specific about what you need the audience to do.  The more specific you are, the greater the chance they’ll do what you’re asking them to do.

What’s The Benefit?
Once you know what you want them to do, you should give them a benefit as to why they would do it.  Tell them what’s in it for them.  We all respond to a reward in some way.

How we Remember Things!
The ‘Power of 3’ is further illustrated by how we remember things in 3’s.  Two may seem too trivial. Four might be a little overwhelming and not as easy to remember, but, we do remember things that come in 3’s. Think about the titles of the first children’s stories we heard and the first we read to our kids! 3 Blind Mice, 3 Pigs, 3 Bears, 3 Musketeers.  We watched the 3 Stooges, learned about the 3 Wise Men.

When you make your speaking topics short, succinct and concise and  stay with the rule of three,  your topics, presentations and speaches have the greatest chance of being recalled and remembered.

Let’s not forget the 3 Little Ladybugs, or The 3 Little Butterfly Brothers!

Did we forget any other story titles that demonstarte the power of 3?

Next up The Power of Three part 3-The Soul.


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