Do you or your team need to be more confident and persuasive communicators?

Do you or your team need to strengthen interpersonal and listening skills?

Are you ready to refine your professional salesmanship?

The optimum goal for any sales professional today is getting the attention, engagement and results for prospective or ongoing clients. Customers  come to expect that as quickly as possible today.

Speaking, presenting and selling are not art forms, but rather tangible business skills. With the proper training and practice, these skills can be learned, mastered and perfected.

Impact Speakers Delivers Results Through:

  • Corporate and Public 2 Day Small Group Training Programs
  • One on One Consulting for Your Business
  • Motivational Speaking for Your Next Event or Meeting

Their training focuses on engaging and dynamic presentation, communication and sales skills.

They understand how essential this is for corporate teams and sales professionals especially in today’s global business environment to stand out and be highly successful.

Contact Jimmy Pomerance today at 954-288-5467, to discuss how he can help you or your sales team get the attention, engagement and results needed to excel today!